New Breast Cancer Therapy is a “Win for Society”

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New Breast Cancer Therapy is a “Win for Society”

Judy Perkin’s story

Source: PBS 

Nearly 1.7 million women globally were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, amounting to 25% of all cancers in women. Breasts—life-giving symbols of fertility—are also potential hosts to the fifth deadliest cancer worldwide.

The survival rate for metastatic breast cancer, which happens when the cancer has spread elsewhere in the body, is only 22%.

But this week, scientists have announced two big findings that could dramatically change how breast cancer is treated. Both underscore the increasing need for individualized approaches to cancer, a complex illness that manifests itself in different ways depending on the person.

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The development of this approach holds the best opportunities for finding effective immunotherapies for patients with the solid cancers that last year caused over 500,000 deaths in this country,”

–  Dr. Steven Rosenberg