Biotech + California = Economic Engine

California is home to several of the nation’s largest life sciences clusters. This thriving industry is a leading employer, a powerful economic engine and a driving force behind developing the state’s biomedical workforce. Our state’s prosperity is closely linked to the ongoing contributions of the growing biotechnology industry, which generated a total of $413.7 billion in economic output last year alone.
By The Numbers

Californians directly employed by the biotechnology industry in 2022


Increase in employment for the life science industry in California, outpacing all other industries in the state


Average salary California biotech employees were paid in 2022


Total estimate venture capital investment in California biomedical companies

1.19 M

Californians directly and indirectly employed by the biotechnology industry in 2022


Total economic output generated by California’s biotech industry


Number of biomedical facilities in California, the birthplace of the biotech industry

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