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The Latest Life Science Innovations Changing Patients Lives

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The Latest on Life Science Innovations

The California Biotechnology Foundation is committed to keeping you up to date about the latest breakthroughs in biotech treatments and the impact of this industry on California and beyond. This newsletter edition, as of June 28th, 2024, brings you the latest updates directly from the forefront of innovation. Among the notable advancements featured are:
  • Gilead’s latest HIV drug is a biannual injection that could improve disease prevention by addressing stigma and adherence issues.
  • Moderna’s next-gen COVID-19 vaccine has succeeded in a Phase 3 study, offering increased effectiveness for adults.
  • The New York Times recently investigated pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), highlighting both the complexity of our healthcare system and PBM practices that force patients to either choose higher drug costs or go without lifesaving treatments.