Legislative Webinar Focuses on Disrupting Health Disparities Among Communities of Color

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Legislative Webinar Focuses on Disrupting Health Disparities Among Communities of Color

January 2022

Senator Monique Limón, Senator Sydney Kamlager, Assemblymember Jim Cooper and the California Biotechnology Foundation (CBF) hosted a legislative webinar last month to discuss collaborative partnerships and programs between California’s life sciences community and healthcare advocates to disrupt the long-standing inequities in healthcare.

There is no dispute that there are deep-seated healthcare disparities and inequities in the state. For communities of color this is amplified by social and economic factors that contribute to poor health outcomes. COVID-19 has shed an even brighter light on the need for diversity in clinical trials and research, making this conversation even more timely and necessary.

Leading experts discussed some of the most innovative initiatives being implemented including:

  • Increasing diversity in various components of research and development in order to minimize health disparities;
  • Innovative communication strategies for clinical trial outreach and patients’ rights during clinical trials to build equity and diversity in clinical trials;
  • Addressing health disparities by providing more opportunities for students of color to enter into healthcare professions including creating inclusivity in the workplace;
  • Current health disparities in specific disease states; and
  • Sharing ideas on effective engagement and partnerships with underserved communities to improve health outcomes.

Webinar highlights:

  • Patricia Doykos, PhD, Executive Director Health Equity from Bristol Myers Squibb discussed health disparities; clinical trial equity and diversity; and model programs to create more equity within higher education and healthcare.
  • Reverend Tammie Denyse, CEO from Carrie’s Touchdiscussed the vast disparities between breast cancer treatment among black and white women noting that current solutions and interventions to increase survival rates among black women aren’t working. She said more education and viable relationships need to be built in black communities to address systemic racism, promote understanding and trust, and ultimately provide the same services and resources as white women receive.
  • Tamicka James, MPH, Head/Senior Director of Diversity and Inclusion, US Commercial, Medical, Government Affairs from Genentechdiscussed cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace as well as key findings from Genentech’s health equity studies.
  • Caroline E. Kicklighter, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, National Account Director, Population Health from US Medical, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, USAoverviewed health equity in cardiovascular care. She also discussed gender disparities in care; racial, geographic and ethnic disparities in cardiovascular disease; and prevention.

To review a recording of the health disparities briefing visit this link. The briefing e-Binder of materials can be found here. For more information or questions, contact Patty Cooper at (916) 764-2434.

For more information, contact Patty Cooper with the California Biotechnology Foundation at 916-764-2434 or [email protected].