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The informational resource for legislators and their staff on the vaccine, the fight against COVID-19, and the Life Sciences industry.

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The Fight Against COVID

Pfizer invests $1 billion for oral COVID-19 treatment, CEO says

Pfizer CEO is no stranger to risks, and hopes to repeat the company’s COVID-19 success with an oral treatment. Read more.

Life Sciences Industry

New study analyzes potential impact of drug pricing policy

If enacted, price setting policies would significantly impede researchers’ ability to bring lifesaving treatments to patients and respond to future health crises — including pandemics. Read more.

The Fight Against COVID

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals’ antibody treatment significantly reduced the rate of COVID-19 hospitalization or death in a large clinical trial

The treatment appeared to work just as well at half the dose currently in use which could effectively double the available supply. Read more.

Life Sciences Industry

Unemployment remains a major concern across sectors of California’s economy 

The Life Sciences industry supports more than 1.3 million direct and indirect jobs in California. Read more.