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NIH nearly doubles investment in BRAIN Initiative research, National Institutes of Health, October 13, 2016 >>>

To Make Vaccines Anywhere, Just Add Water,The Atlantic, October 12, 2016 >>>

Immunotherapy drug a 'gamechanger' for head and neck cancer, The Guardian, October 9, 2016 >>>

Research gives hope to those with head and facial deformities, Berkeley News, October 6, 2016 >>>

International Stem Cell Corporation Publishes Results of Safety Studies Conducted in Support of the First Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Based Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease, EconoTimes, October 5, 2016 >>>

'Breakthrough' lung cancer drug made available on NHS, The Guardian, October 3, 2016 >>>

10 BioPharma Facts to Consider for a Policy Discussion, September 15, 2016 >>>

San Diego's Biocom opens LA office, San Diego Union-Tribune, April 27, 2016 >>>

The complex math behind spiraling prescription drug pricesNew York Times, April 27, 2016 >>>

Rare liver disorder drug from Jazz wins U.S. approvalReuters, March 30, 2016 >>>

Biosimilar drugs could save up to $110 billion by 2020: IMSReuters, March 29, 2016 >>>

J&J expands project that aims to predict, prevent diseasesAssociated Press, March 22, 2016 >>>

FDA approves injectable drug for anthraxAssociated Press, March 21, 2016 >>>

FDA expands use of Pfizer drug to fight rare form of lung cancerAssociated Press, March 13, 2016 >>>

UCLA researchers make progress toward healing scarred heartsUniversity of California, January 13, 2016 >>>

In mice, reprogrammed neurons reduce stroke damageSan Diego Union Tribune, January 11, 2016 >>>

AMA launches West Coast innovation hubChicago Business, January 11, 2016 >>>

Baxalta-Coherus Enbrel biosimilar succeeds in late-stage studyReuters, January 11, 2016 >>>

Illumina makes big push in cancer screeningSan Diego Union Tribune, January 10, 2016 >>>

Roche signs $750m deal, posts 'encouraging' bladder cancer dataPharmaTimes, January 8, 2016 >>>

Chagas Disease Research Underway at Skaggs School UCSDTimes of San Diego, January 7, 2016 >>>

Philips teams up with biotech firm to develop handheld blood test for concussionModern Healthcare, January 7, 2016 >>>

Scientists root out the ‘bad seeds’ of liver cancerUSC News, January 7, 2016 >>>

Merck in $595 million chronic pain dealPharma Times, January 7, 2016 >>>


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