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NIH nearly doubles investment in BRAIN Initiative research, National Institutes of Health, October 13, 2016 >>>

To Make Vaccines Anywhere, Just Add Water,The Atlantic, October 12, 2016>>>

Immunotherapy drug a 'gamechanger' for head and neck cancer,The Guardian, October 9, 2016 >>>

Research gives hope to those with head and facial deformities, Berkeley News, October 6, 2016 >>>

10 BioPharma Facts to Consider for a Policy Discussion, September 15, 2016 >>>

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California Biotech Company Investments in Research and Development Drive Medical Innovation >>>

Innovative Drug Therapies Require Health Care Financing Solutions to Match >>>

Breakthrough Medications Save Money and Save Lives >>>

The Value and Cost of Medical Miracles >>>

Specialty Tiered Pricing Keeps Innovative Treatments Out of Reach >>>

Medicines Should be a Cost-Effective Option >>>

Controlling Health Care Costs >>>


10 BioPharma Facts to Consider for a Policy Discussion (September 2016) >>>

California Celebrates 40 years in Biotechnology (August 2016) >>>

California Innovation is "turning out miracles" (July 2016) >>>

CA Life Sciences Industry Expanding and Providing New Opportunities for Economic Growth (May 2016) >>>

Website Highlights Value (and Cost) of Breakthrough Medicines (April 2016) >>> 

Medical Innovation

Facts on Treatment for Chronic Illnesses >>>

Facts on Prescription Medicine costs >>>

Facts on Controlling Health Care costs >>>

The Value of Health >>>

Facts about Cancer >>>

Facts about HIV/AIDS >>>

Facts about Mental Health >>>

Facts about Central Nervous Disorders >>>

Facts about Heart Disease >>>

Facts about Diabetes >>>

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Workforce Guide: Learn more about biotech workforce development and education programs >>>

Biopharmaceutical Industry: The Value of Access to Innovative Medicines >>>

2012 California Oncology Summit Brochure >>>

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Breakthrough Medications Save Money and Save Lives

Access to innovative medicines and preventative treatments is proven to reduce the high cost of health care. >>>


See videos highlighting the value of California's thriving life science industry. >>>

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