Dollars in revenue generated by California biotechnology companies in 2009.
Estimated wages and salaries paid by the biomedical industry in 2009.
Dollars contributed each year in state and local taxes by California biotech companies.
Dollars generated in new biotechnology construction projects in California each year.
Total estimate venture capital investment in California biomedical companies between 2009 - 2010.
Dollars donated in products by California biotechnology companies to patients and agencies throughout the United States in 2006.
Californians employed by the biotechnology industry in 2009.
Average salary California biotech employees were paid in 2009.
Number of California biomedical companies, the birthplace of the biotech industry and home to one-third of all biotech firms in the United States.
Number of new medicines currently in California’s research and development pipeline, which address virtually every known medical condition.
Average percent of revenue reinvested into research and development each year by California biotechnology companies.
Portion of the 250 medical therapies approved by the FDA since 1985 that were discovered or developed in California.




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Since 1995, the AIDS death rated has fallen by 70 percent nationwide, thanks to breakthrough treatments from California's biotechnology companies. Biotechnology innovation has greatly expanded the range of options available for diagnosing and treating the illness and helped transform what was commonly a death sentence to a chronic, manageable condition.


Fifteen years ago, there were no treatments for Alzheimer's. Today, California's biotechnology industry has developed three classes of medications which slow a patient's decline and keep them out of nursing homes. Researchers are close to discovering methods to treat and prevent Alzheimer's through therapies that regenerate and protect nervous tissues.


Biotechnology therapies discovered in California can detect cancers in earlier stages, target and eradicate deadly cancer cells, boost the immune system, prevent relapse, decrease side-effects, and improve and prolong lives. New biological treatments can specifically target cancer cells without devastating healthy cells as do older therapies.


Prior to the discovery of human insulin by a California-based biotechnology company, patients had to use cow and pig insulin which caused serious side effects. DNA technology allows scientists to easily diagnose the disease and provide a range of treatments to manage insulin, control weight and maintain blood sugar levels.

Heart Disease

California's biotechnology companies are constantly researching methods to treat heart disease. Hundreds of therapies have been discovered and produced that detect heart disease, lower cholesterol, treat hypertension, stabilize heart rythms and lessen the damage of a heart attack. Thanks to life saving treatments, death rats from heart disease are falling.


The second largest disease focus for California biotechnology companies, researchers have developed 163 treatments for inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, emphysema, allergies, organ transplants, lupus, and Crohn's disease.


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