Workforce Development:
The Next Generation of Biotech Researchers

Biotechnology is the future of medicine and holds the promise of medical miracles. Over 271,000 Californians are employed in biotech which is more than the aerospace or the motion picture industry. A career in biotech is unlike any other because the industry is growing at lightning speed and offers a vast amount of employment opportunities.

Recognizing that the key to its future success is a highly-skilled and diversified work force, biotech companies are at the forefront of collaborative efforts with public and private colleges and universities, community colleges, high schools and even grade schools statewide through a strong commitment to and significant investment in career and technical education and workforce development programs. These programs are guiding curricula, providing hands-on training and funding faculty to grow the state’s biomedical work force.

Biotech companies participate in a myriad of job training and workforce development programs. They may provide internships, grants, scholarships and sponsorships, supply computer and lab equipment, make their facilities and other internal resources available, help shape curricula or assume ownership of some component of a program or initiative.

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