The Promise of Medical Miracles

Cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and spinal cord injury most likely will be found in the next five to ten years – much of that by California-based companies.  With nearly 2,700 companies, a workforce of more than 267,000 and almost 900 new medicines in the research and development pipeline, biotechnology breakthroughs are saving lives, reducing suffering and preventing or limiting costly hospitalizations and surgeries.  

Saving and improving lives by pioneering new approaches to the prevention, treatment and cure of diseases is the ultimate goal of the life sciences industry. >>>

California is the world’s source of first-in-class treatments for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, AIDS, organ transplants, vaccines as well as neurological and many other illnesses. Find out more in our Resources Section, under Fact Sheets. >>>

Cures to cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, AIDS and spinal cord injuries will most likely be found in the next five to ten years. >>>









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Health Care is Changing the Cost of Medicine

Access to innovative medicines and preventative treatments is proven to reduce the high cost of health care. >>>


The Promise of
Medical Miracles

With over 2,000 companies and almost 900 new medicines in the Research & Development pipeline... >>>


Economic Engine: California’s Next Gold Rush

$72.8 billion in revenue in 2007. Of that, nearly 72% was spent on research. >>>


Workforce Development: The Next Generation of Biotech Researchers

The key to future success is a highly-skilled and diversified work force. >>>