Economic Engine:
California's Next Gold Rush

California biotechnology companies generated $72.8 billion dollars in revenue in 2007. Of that, nearly 72 percent was spent on research and development, employee wages and salaries, and patient prescription assistance programs. In fact, 270,000 Californians are employed by the biotechnology industry, with the average salary being $70,000 – 60% higher than the California average.

Biotechnology is one of the state’s signature industries – it’s a leading high-tech employer, a driving force behind developing the state’s biomedical workforce and the state’s third largest exporter. >>>

Research and Development in the field of human DNA is a complicated and costly process. Learn more about the science behind life-saving cures and treatments. >>>

Biotechnology is one of California’s signature industries. Learn more about maintaining California as the world’s premier biotechnology region. >>>

Nurturing science education is vital to future medical breakthroughs. California biotech companies contribute millions of dollars to science education and participate in a myriad of job training and workforce development programs. >>>




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Health Care is Changing the Cost of Medicine

Access to innovative medicines and preventative treatments is proven to reduce the high cost of health care. >>>


The Promise of
Medical Miracles

With over 2,000 companies and almost 900 new medicines in the Research & Development pipeline... >>>


Workforce Development: The Next Generation of Biotech Researchers

The key to future success is a highly-skilled and diversified work force. >>>