California Biotechnology:
Revolutionizing Global Healthcare

Imagine a day when there is a cure for cancer, treatments to overcome Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and therapies that allow people with spinal cord injuries to walk again. That day will soon be a reality thanks to the remarkable medical breakthroughs by California’s biotechnology industry.

California is the proud birthplace of biotechnology. The first biotech company was founded in California more than three decades ago and ultimately the first biotech based treatment approved by the FDA was created right here in the Golden State.

Biotechnology moves far beyond the average prescription drug, utilizing human DNA to produce therapies that treat virtually every known medical need. New advances in technology mean disorders previously thought untreatable can be managed and in some cases, cured.

California’s biotech scientists hold the promise of medical miracles. With almost 900 new medicines now in California’s research and development pipeline, our biotech companies are on the cutting edge of the next wave of medicines and devices that will revolutionize healthcare throughout the world.

Whether it is finding cures to deadly diseases, generating jobs and revenue or educating our next generation of gifted scientists, California biotechnology companies and the life sciences community are creating a global impact from right here in the Golden State.


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