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Biotechnology Supports Education

California biotech companies recognize that the key to success is a highly-skilled, diverse workforce. >>>

Biotechnology Supports Patients

California’s biotech industry is committed to providing quality care and products to all patients. >>>

Biotechnology Supports Local Communities

California’s biotech industry works with local communities to build trustworthy and sustainable. >>>




Biotechnology Supports Patients

California ’s biotechnology industry is committed to providing quality care and products to all patients, and has initiated patient assistance programs to help those who are uninsured or lack adequate insurance to access life-saving medications.
California ’s biotechnology companies donate almost $1 billion in products to patients and agencies throughout the U.S. each year.  Nearly every California biotech company with a product on the market has a patient assistance program. Some companies provide co-pay assistance or cost-effective payment options while others form foundations to provide free medicine to the uninsured. 
In addition, nearly every biotech company participates in the national "Partnership for Prescription Assistance" (PPA) program. The PPA brings together America 's biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, patient advocacy and community organizations to help patients gain access to essential medications through more than 475 patient assistance programs.
Each PPA program has its own eligibility criteria. Many programs provide prescription assistance for Medicare beneficiaries who do not have full prescription drug benefits. There are even assistance programs for people with existing prescription coverage.

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