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Biotechnology Supports Education

California biotech companies recognize that the key to success is a highly-skilled, diverse workforce. >>>

Biotechnology Supports Patients

California’s biotech industry is committed to providing quality care and products to all patients. >>>

Biotechnology Supports Local Communities

California’s biotech industry works with local communities to build trustworthy and sustainable. >>>




Biotechnology Supports Education

Nurturing science education is vital to future medical breakthroughs. Each year, millions of dollars are donated by California biotech companies to support outreach and education programs in the life sciences field.

Biotech-funded programs aim to inspire and enlighten our youth about possible careers in the growing biotechnology industry as well as programs that fund supplies, equipment and curriculum assistance at the grade school, high school and college levels.

In addition, California’s biotech companies participate in a myriad of workforce development programs. They may provide grants, scholarships and sponsorships, make their facilities and other internal resources available, help shape curricula or assume ownership of some component of a program or initiative.

Learn more about biotech workforce development and education programs >>>