The California Biotech Community: Supporting the California Dream

California’s biotechnology industry not only works to save lives but it also strives to sustain the California dream by serving as a leading high-tech employer, a patient champion, an education ally and a dedicated community partner.

For more than 30 years California biotechnology companies have been revolutionizing drug design and development, while creating jobs assisting patients, supporting students and schools and serving statewide communities.

Whether it is helping patients gain access to a life-saving treatment, assisting schools with curriculum development and equipment or working with local communities to help sustain and support vital operations, California’s biotechnology companies believe that serving those in need is not a corporate obligation, but rather a civic desire to help local communities and area residents succeed.







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Biotechnology Supports Education

California biotech companies recognize that the key to success is a highly-skilled, diverse workforce. >>>


Biotechnology Supports Patients

California’s biotech industry is committed to providing quality care and products to all patients. >>>


Biotechnology Supports Local Communities

California’s biotech industry works with local communities to build trustworthy and sustainable. >>>